Commonalities of States


No. 1

In Regards to TEXAS Seceding (Possibly) after being Dismissed by the Supreme Court. In FAVOR of the States, and TEXAS, Working together to Find Unifying Commonalities amongst themselves, Offering a better Option to the People of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA going forward.


In his essay to New York in the Federalist No. 2, Hamilton described a united people as a blessing. ‘Coming from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, believing in the same God, having similar views on Government, as well on how one ought to act. Enabling them to unite with ties that could not be stronger, as they stood shoulder to shoulder to fight in much bloodshed for their new found liberty and independence.’ Stressing the importance of these commonalities so much as he did, arguing that it almost gave the impression, at times, that they were destined for each other, and for their country. Hamilton went on to say that this unity was of such importance, that it “should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties.” Addressing what at that time, New York, and many others, wanted to do. Instead of uniting, be separate confederacies governed by their own laws. Much like many states want to do right now, in our time of civil unrest, and continued growing pains.

Even so, it is fair to say that the unity as described by Alexander Hamilton above, that would tie us together in strength, leaving us with no unity without such ties of unity amongst each other, does not exist in our times. Therefore, to simply look back at Hamilton’s rebuke of those with such motivations to be separate states, as an example to point to, in such hopes that those (mostly conservative) whom have these motivations today, will simply see and emphatically cease their actions, falling in line after Hamilton, is neither rational nor compassionate to expect. Any such pleas can be reasonably seen as misguided at best, and irreverent at worst.

It seems then to be well and wise that we, especially on matters such as these, ought to look back in depth, to understand our history, in order to be qualified to ask the appropriate questions, that we may seek with unhindered minds, to learn from our past in order to equip ourselves with the tools needed to face our future. Sincerely seeking to address the substance of issues with a humble heart and an open mind. Even this itself perhaps being, for a temporary time, the commonality among us all, in which we may use as the cornerstone to newly founded ties, rooted so deeply in pure determination to finding solutions, that it proves strong enough to unite us together now, propelling us through this struggle and on to United Dreams.

To be continued.

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