A Nation Divided Cannot Stand

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

This trying time is a true test of the hearts of men and woman in our great nation. When the colonists rose up and took new found Liberty and Independence, they did so in such a United manner, that Hamilton himself expressed that he believed this unbreakable unity they had established (same ancestors, same language, same beliefs, same principles, common goals) was crucial to the existence of a prosperous and free union. They faced the same things we do today, only they had just finished shedding blood over it. Many states wanted to be independent confederacies. Out of justifiable fear of another overpowering governmental structure forming like the one they had just defeated. But Hamilton was relentless in his push that these States must be United. In his pitch to New York (who wanted nothing to do with a national government) in Federalist No. 2, he interestingly brought up some everlasting points. In times of general problems, the people United as one every time to defeat them. Defeating Britain as one nation, defending themselves from enemies as one nation, establishing trade with other nations as one United nation. Hamilton focused on their commonalities, and the benefits of using them together.

He was right, and if he said much of the same today, he would still be right. It was a near impossible task for them to sit down and make this nation the way we see it today. Hamilton even talking about the very prospect as just a dream that should not be seriously expected. These men who were battle tested, looked at that situation and saw no hope in it actually coming to fruition. Yet, they made it happen. They made it happen by talking to each other, establishing a strong common ground that would unite their forward pulling motives. They didn’t ask Britain to do it, they didn’t ask another great nations government to do it. They took it upon themselves. Sitting down as men with open minds, and worked through every last issue.

A nation divided cannot stand. The founders knew this, and even against the odds they faced, were able to unite the greatest nation known to man, shortly after that same nation just ended a bloody war to gain freedom from another national government with similar traits to boot! Patriots, can we not do the same? To those who feel it is hopeless. In government, you may be right, but this nation cannot, and will not be hopeless. Not now and not ever. Because the power of this nation truly rests with us. WE THE PEOPLE. Because it truly started with us. WE THE PEOPLE. Don’t be weary in heart. Trust in God, then trust in your brother next to you, a patriot whom you know will go all the way to the end with you if they must. Be of great courage and CHEER! Because much like when the founders were in the agony of growing pains, our grounds are also fertile once again for true change from within! GOD BLESS THE USA!