Definition of a COVID Death?

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This seems to be a fair enough question. It is to be expected that a death attributed to an illness can without any doubt, and with tangible evidence, be proven that the death was indeed caused due to said illness. Yet, when I have asked what the legal definition of a COVID death actually is, often in heated debates over rising numbers and hysterical end of times ramblings, often by those who consider themselves ‘followers of science’, I get a resounding silence in reply. Then I posed the question to myself, and realized I didn’t have a better answer in the slightest. So I sought out to find this definition and to share it with my fellow readers.

Surrounding the legal basis of a COVID-19 death are the guidelines set in place by the World Health Organization. WHO defines a COVID-19 death as follows,

“A death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to COVID disease (e.g. trauma). There should be no period of
complete recovery from COVID-19 between illness and death.”

‘Probably’ COVID-19.

In other words, by legal definition, anything that is deemed a ‘probable’ case of COVID, or is even simply a ‘clinically compatible’ illness, can be officially put in the books as a COVID-19 death. Don’t worry though, if you are hit by a bus you are covered. I am confident most of you reading this did not need my explanation to see through this poor definition. Let’s look at this a little more in depth shall we?

This definition clearly states that COVID-19 may be put down as a cause of death without a confirmed test of any kind, official or not. This is fundamental to the definition of what it means to die by a certain illness, or by any cause for that matter. Some sort of test or gauge, officially recognized, that can accurately confirm said illness in a person. This is a fundamental part of the definition that WHO decided they could apparently leave wide open for interpretation when it comes to COVID-19. In fact, they are so inseparable, WHO itself has started reporting deaths and cases of the flu along side COVID-19, as I displayed in an earlier article.

Furthermore, given that the symptoms of COVID-19 are very common, and are seen in many other illnesses, being able to label a death as ’caused by COVID-19′ simply on the basis that the suspected illness was ‘compatible’ and therefore ‘probable’ leaves the door wide open for a hailstorm of false positives. Essentially it can be illustrated like this, if you have the flu and die, by legal definition this can be recorded as a COVID-19 death. Why? No test is needed to confirm a COVID-19 death, and COVID symptoms are ‘compatible’ enough with flu symptoms to believe that COVID was thereby the ‘probable’ cause. It’s truly that simple.

Is this wrong?

No it’s really not and that is the sad part. The biggest reason why this is a problem is because it has become a political tool. With such a wide open interpretation, death rates and daily death tolls can be completely skewed to provide the public with a completely false image. This has been, and continues to be used to create panic, to fear monger the masses, and ultimately use that fear as the ultimate power grab. Maybe I am wrong, but I would bet that COVID-19 will vanish the day after the election.

Attached is a downloadable PDF to the WHO’s guidelines for COVID-19 deaths which was used to write this article.

Thank you so much for reading. Stay safe and use common sense.